Alice's Gardens



Her first garden was in our first home in Closter, New Jersey. Almost our entire backyard was turned into a vegetable garden! We had two large sour cherry trees, one in the front and one in the back, and 2 pear trees. We had lillies of the valley and an old-fashioned rose bush that had pale pink petals and smelled like apples. When I told her how much I had enjoyed those roses, she went looking and found the exact rose and grew it in Florida outside her bedroom window, giving it a new name: "Pamela's Rose".



In Rockeleigh it was difficult to have a garden because we lived on a hill! But Alice grew a lovely terraced fern garden on the shady side of the house. And Rockleigh also boasted a wonderful rose garden in the front of the house that showcased my mother's favorite rose, "Tropicana"


Her azalea bush still blooms in Cyndy's backyard


The Berkshires

In the Berkshires we had a large garden where my parents grew all kinds of vegetables - corn, beans, peas, carrots, beets, lettuce tomatoes - you name it. And my mother created an herb garden in the shape of a wiccan pentagram. When they started the earth was very fertile as it had lain fallow for so long, and they had amazing produce.


Rock Ridge peonies

Lupin garden

Tulips in the sunken garden


Lake Placid, Florida

My mother's intense flower hobby reached its apotheosis when she moved to Florida. There she was able to grow many delicate exotic blooms as well as maintain an orchard of oranges, grapefruits and lemons and even pineapple! The sweet scent of orange blossoms and frangipani mingled in her backyard. Her Florida garden has been transplanted to Mayr Malool's gorgeous garden! We thank Mayr for these great pictures.

Says Mayr: "Alice's Desert Rose is the one with all the hot pink flowers all over it in the clay pot. The orange one is a hibiscus that was here when i bought this house, and she just loved the color, she called it coral. The white ones with the yellow center are Frangipani, which is the kind they use in Hawaii to make leis, or so she told me! She had one growing in her back yard right outside her computer window. These flowers are all in my front yard, and some would say that Florida is heavenly, especially in the flora part!"

Alice's window - Florida house

desert rose

desert rose closeup

amaryllis - so pretty

amaryllis and faerie

pink flamingo - named Mrs.Schwab!

St Francis was her model

red amaryllis



coral hibiscus

pink hibiscus

hot pink lantana - her favorite color

she loved springtime johnny jump-ups

garden faerie

caladium heart


garden visitors


Dearest Alice,

I find it hard to believe that 4 years have gone by since last I saw your face or heard your voice. How is it possible that I have been able to live without you in this world? How can I still be breathing? You were so much a part of me, of my life. How have I managed without you?

Maybe because you taught me so well how to live! The example you set has been easy to follow. Your spirit is all around me now. Every butterfly that flutters by, every flower that shoots up from my garden, every bird that sings in the morning, it's all you. I feel you near me whenever I walk in the sunlight, I see your smile on the faces of those who greet me throughout the day, I can almost hear you sing "hel-lo" the way you used to do.

I know that now your spirit soars, that there is no pain in the afterlife, and that you are enjoying a bliss no one can describe. I am so happy for you to be in such a place, truly I am. But I miss you so much in my life, and I wish that I could see you once again, to tell you how much I love you, and to just be in your presence. Even though I know that one day we will be together again, there are times when that is not enough. This is one of those times. The anniversary of your passing. The day that heaven gained a very special spirit, the day the earth got alittle darker. I honor your memory today. I remember you with love and respect, and I miss you with all of my heart. My friend.

Forever, Mayr

Mayr Malool 2008