Alice's Grandchildren

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Hilary with Jessica

Uncle Joe with Maisie
at Hupi Farm, Monterey, Mass

Jessica playing with cat and mice

Maisie, Heidi and Jessica
on Grandaddy's Tractor
at Rock Ridge

Granny with Heidi and Jessica

Summer of 1975

Aunty Pam with Heidi & Jessie

four swans

Maisie Deely

Aunty Cyn with Maisie
at Rock Ridge

(L - R):Hilary, Pam, Rev. R. Craig Burlington with Pip, Granny
(Foreground): Maisie

Pip with puppy and Granny
In the Berkshires

Pip grown up

Ali & Heidi with the elephants

Jessie & Heidi
Mother's Day at Rockleigh