Alice's Mushrooms

She was mad about mushrooms, and was an amateur mycologist. Anything she became interested in she adopted with a passion, so it was mushroom mania in our house. She often went on forays in the Berkshires and would prepare exhibits with her findings. She had a reputation as an expert, and people would leave baskets of mushrooms on her porch for her to identify. We trusted her implicitly. If she said a mushroom was safe to eat, we ate it!

And there were some delicious dishes in her recipe collection. Some of the tastiest shrooms were the Chicken of the Woods, and the Oyster mushroom. But of course the king was the glorious Morel that came up in the month of May, just in time for Mother's Day! I remember the shad roe breakfasts, which were a traditional breakfast for the Burlington fishermen "when the shad ran" (every spring they return from the Atlantic Ocean to their fresh water origins in New Jersey, where they will spawn). To that she added her own touch -- the divine morels (when we were lucky to find them) sauteed simply in shallots and butter-- they didn't need anything else!

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Alice's Mushroom exhibit
Local mushrooms found in the woods

in Beartown State Forest


in the morel meadow

Pam and Heidi hunting

Fungipami's morel!

Final Haul

Cyn's Brain

Art and Meg show off their morels

Hilary's morels

Quite a spread

Chicken of the Woods!
Grandchildren Heidi and Maisie in the kitchen
Rock Ridge, Monterey, Mass.

Happy Birthday Ali!

The Delectable Bear's Head Tooth Mushroom
New Jersey Pine Barrens, 1999

Examining a Florida shroom