Alice at School

Thespian, Athlete, President of the Student Council and Glamour Girl --
Alice did it all!

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Cinderella - School of the Holy Child, Suffern, NY

Cinderella takes a bow

Rosemont College


Rosemont Hall of Fame
The Rambler, 1940

In 2003 Alice was inducted into the Rosemant Athletic Hall of Fame. She was thrilled! It was something that meant the world to her. Her niece Patsy Burlington Madden accepted the award for her.

Athletic Award Recipients - 2003

Little did I imagine when I graduated in 1965 that I would one day be speaking to all of you and that Mother, now Sister Mary George who was President when I was a student, would be listening to my words. My dear Aunt Alice Burlington Somers, class of 1940, is being honored today with the Rosemont College Athletic Hall of Fame Award. Because of her athletic abilities at Holy Child in Suffern, New York, she was able to earn a spot on the varsity field hockey team in her freshman year at Rosemont. She was even awarded a silver cup at graduation for her four years as a Varsity player. She also played varsity basketball for four years. Her teammate was Sister Mary George OíReilly who was as short as Alice was tall and together they were nicknamed, "the long and the short of it" in their yearbook.

By the time Alice was a Senior, she had reached her zenith in field hockey and basketball and was being praised in all the local papers. She made the Eastern All Girls Basketball Team and was described as, "Rosemontís Glamour Girl of 1940" in The Philadelphia Inquirer. That same year, she was also elected President of Rosemontís Student Council. Alice was a role model for others because she led a well-rounded life which balanced academics with athletic and spiritual activities.

As an alumni of Rosemontís strong Catholic traditions and values, I know that this award embodies more than just Aliceís athletic abilities. Her grace and charm, her desire to give to others as evidenced by her many years of involvement in the Holy Child community, her strong faith and love of family are an inspiration to all those lucky to be a part of her life. She truly believed in the power of women to transform society.

As a former athlete, she believes that exercise is vital to our body, mind and spirit and she has practiced yoga for over 20 years. Although she is not physically active now, she continues to be spiritually active and conducts a weekly prayer group at her home in Florida. She has always remained close in spirit to the Holy Child Order and considers her Holy Child family as dear to her as her own family--- her beloved husband Arthur now deceased and her four children.

I am deeply touched and proud to accept the Athletic Hall of Fame Award on behalf of Alice and her daughter Pamela Somers who also attended Rosemont. I would like to congratulate the other honorees and thank Lynn and her staff for organizing todayís special ceremony. And on that note, I would like leave you with Aliceís thoughts, "I am thrilled to receive this award as my years at Rosemont are my dearest memories."

Patsy Burlington Madden
Rosemont Class of '65

The Rosemont Girls
Brick donated by the Burlington Family to Rosemont College